Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 20 - Half Way There

We had our fourth official OB appointment today and learned a little more about our baby. So far we know:

- The heartbeat is approximately 142 beats per minute.
- All organs seem to be in working order.
- All measurements are right on track for healthy growth.
- Due date is still January 25th.
- He weighs about 13 oz.
- And that's right, I said HE! Today was the big day. We learned we having a son!

Some other comments made by the nurse during our sono - he's looking healthy, growing at a good pace, is very cute and very very VERY active! Over the last week I've been feeling the little one shift around quite a bit and I thought it was just because he was getting bigger...apparently he was on the move today, hardly sitting still long enough to take pictures of him. But we managed to get few. Here they are:

The profile pic...can you see the smile?

Little feet...

In this one he's sort of waving. He's still really small and developing so it's kind of a weird picture.

And...confirmation that's it's a boy. The nurse said there was no question.

We can't wait to meet this little one. To see his face, hold him tight, snuggle him lots and watch him grow. Everyone keeps telling us that the next four months will fly by but for some reason I feel like they can't come fast enough.

In the meantime we'll continue to pray for good health and that God may watch over our growing family. To keep ourselves busy I suppose we'll decorate the nursery and read a few books. Oh yeah - and pick out a name!