Thursday, September 13, 2012 wait, 19 months

Well, this is just embarrassing.  For the last two three months I thought that I blogged in May. HA!  Apparently not.

Our little man is turning into a boy.  I may have said that before but everyday it becomes more real.    At 19 months he's attempting full sentences.  Acting out scenes with his toys.  Asking us questions.  Recalling things that happened weeks before.  He amazes us every day.

His stats:

Weight: 24.6 lbs
Height: not sure but growing
Overall report: Super healthy and super ahead of the game in so many areas.

We recently changed pediatricians (loved the doctor, didn't love the staff or office) and went to Asher's 18 month check at Dr.Schwartz's office.  The whole way there Asher recited "Dr.Schwartz office".  Smarty pants. And the whole way home he said "Shots. Ban-aid, mommy. Shots."  Yeah...our previous doctor was VERY conservative when it came to vaccinations.  Asher has had plenty of them in the last 18 months but I knew we were a little behind.  Bummer.  Three shots and some tears.  But Dr.Schwartz gave Asher a raving review.

When he asked me how many words I thought Asher knew, my response was "Definitely over 100 but I'm not sure of the exact number."  He blinked.  I think he thought I was lying.  Then I went on to explain that we made a list of words around the time of Asher's first birthday and we wrote down over 50.  I said I was certain it has at least doubled.  His response was, "Ok, so he's a genius."  Mmmm...I'm going to go with verbal at this point.  Our little monkey can communicate and comprehend things very well for his age.  But he's still 19 months.  He still loves learning by getting messy.  He still tries to drink his milk through his fork and tries to cut his food with a cooked noodle.  He throws daily tantrums.  We're glad.  We're not ready to send him off to Harvard.  But he is very amusing and fun to communicate with.

Some of the things he's been up to that keep us entertained:

"Show you." - his way of showing you want he wants, what happened or just what he's talking about.

"Asher do it." - needs no explanation.

"Hold it. Asher, hold it." - wants to hold everything!  We were on the boat the other night and an airplane was coming in for a landing.  You could see it clear as day in the sky.  Asher pointed to it, said "Airplane!" and then looked at me with all seriousness in his eyes and said "Mommy, hold it? Asher hold it?" and looked back up at the airplane.  LOVED that.  Such innocence.

The boat.  This kid LOVES the boat.  And wake boarding (watching, at least.  He hasn't gotten up - yet.)  And "GO FAST!!".  Oh, we hit the jackpot on this.

It may be difficult to see but we're going about 30mph here...that smile just tickles me!
Lawn equipment.  He knows the difference between a trimmer, edger, blower and mower and wants to use all four.  He loves to watch daddy mow and will run from window to window while Austin is out there.  Too cute.

And...the potty.  He recently ran to the toilet and said, "Mommy, poo poo."  And immediately following needed a new diaper.  He definitely got my attention but we'll see about actually moving forward just yet.

I could go on and on but then I would never post this.  So I'll leave it here and look forwarding to posting more often in the future.