Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 34 Update

It's been a few weeks since I've added belly pics. See the slide show to the right for weeks 31 and 34. Amazing what wearing white does - I look bigger in picture of week 31!!

We had our 34 week appointment last Tuesday and all is well. Hearts sounds healthy and growth is on track. After our next appointment (December 30th) we'll be down to four weeks, visiting the doctor every week until he's here! Which brings me to my biggest reality-check so far. This last visit my doctor said 34 weeks is one of the big milestones in pregnancy. From here on out, if we go into to labor THEY WILL NOT STOP US!!! That means, he could be here at anytime. My friend Meagan and I have our money on this little one arriving two weeks early ;) And no, we still haven't decided on a name...but we're close.

In other news: clothes are washed and ready, we have a few select items to purchase this afternoon and the nursery is near complete! Sorry folks, no pictures yet. We have fabric to sew (or Callie does, rather - you are the best Calbryn!), art work to hang and a glider to be delivered. We'll showcase it soon - I promise!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks - This one's on me

I started this post in my mind two weeks ago when I stepped off a plane. I was coming home from work in Grand Junction. This would be the last time I de-board for quite awhile and it was almost surreal.

Many of you know that I travel for work. I've done this consistently for the past three years. Some months it's a lot, some months it's a little. But in reality, any travel for work takes a toll on your personal life. It's time away from your loved-ones, out of your normal route, sleeping in a different bed, breathing different air. When you get home it takes time to recover. Shower off the travel dust, put away your travel things, sleep off the different life you've been living. In a couple of days you're back to your familiar life. One that's normal.

So why do all this? It's a good question, one that I ponder almost everytime I leave. I kiss my sweet husband goodbye, pray to God that our time apart will be quick and that He keeps us safe and with a deep breath, I walk away. While I'm away time moves quickly. I stay busy, feel accomplished in what I'm doing and even make some friends along the way. I grow, I learn, I'm independent. This is my internal struggle.

As I headed over to claim my luggage I thought about all this. I considered how far I've come in my career and how at this moment I'm getting the opportunity to pause and reflect. I considered the price that has been paid to get me here. And that's when I realized just how thankful I am. My husband let's me fly each time I walk out the door. He tells me much how much he loves me, how much he'll miss me and how he can't wait for me to come home. While I'm away we'll count down the days til I return over emails and text messages. But all the while he's encouraging me to go. To grow. To learn. To achieve. Completely selfless. Never once asking me to stay. Never asking me to change my course. I'm no fool - as much as Austin will hunker down and focus on other things while I'm away his giddy dimenor when I return can't be hidden. He holds me close, smiles so bright and has even been known to shed a tear of joy upon my return.

Because of him I've achieved lengths I never thought possible or even had the courage to dream. I am thankful for this man. He has given me so much, more than I've ever asked for.

So I picked up my luggage, walked to the car and drove home. I haven't a clue what the future will truly hold. There are few things that are certain and I will cling to those. As for the rest, I'm just thankful I have Austin by my side.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

28 Weeks - 3D/4D

We had our 28 week appointment this last Friday and were able to schedule the 3D/4D ultrasound at the same time. What an experience!! We are so in love (as though we weren't already!) For 15 whole minutes we got to see our little man in action. Here are some pictures.

Who would you say he looks like? :)

He's high-kicking here...

And this one...well, the technician said she has NEVER had this happen before! :) The whole office thought it was a riot! And Austin, proud papa, was beaming.

It was a blessing to be able to see him. Everything that happens in the womb is such a mystery but was a chance at a peek into his world, to see his features and movement and that was just darn right cool!

The regular appointment went well - healthy and right on track. We couldn't ask for more.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm A Mummy

No, not a mommy yet, just a mummy. This is how I prepare for a "walk-jog", which is what I'm down to these days. No more than three miles and I usually start out walking. Before I begin I wrap my belly in two ace bandages. This helps support the growing bump. Kinda looks like the making of a mummy. Appropriate for Halloween, I would say. :)

Where did I get this idea, you may ask? One of my doctors said his wife does it so I thought I would try it. Works great! Although I think I need to add another bandage to the mix...

Friday, October 8, 2010

24 Weeks and Growing

We are GROWING! This last Monday our baby boy and I went to the doctor for our 24 week check-up. All looks good and here are some stats:

- His heartbeat - 138 bpm
- He's about a 1 lb and 1/3
- He's about 12 inches in length
- Mom's blood pressure is 116/63
- Mom's weight is on target - 15 lbs so far!

See, I told you we were growing. The belly is stretching like crazy. Getting up off the ground has become more challenging. I'm still running a little but I'm super slow and I don't go very far (Mom can attest to this!) I'm happy to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we're having though.

Sleep has become a little more interesting these days. Aside from getting up a few times during the night (due to the call from nature and late night parties going on in my belly) I find I need an extra pillow to keep me stable and level. Without it I wake up with some serious back pain! And rolling over makes me giggle...I'm soooo sloooow.

Our little man is still very active, moving all the time. Austin's even been able to feel a few kicks and punches. We are really enjoying the journey!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 20 - Half Way There

We had our fourth official OB appointment today and learned a little more about our baby. So far we know:

- The heartbeat is approximately 142 beats per minute.
- All organs seem to be in working order.
- All measurements are right on track for healthy growth.
- Due date is still January 25th.
- He weighs about 13 oz.
- And that's right, I said HE! Today was the big day. We learned we having a son!

Some other comments made by the nurse during our sono - he's looking healthy, growing at a good pace, is very cute and very very VERY active! Over the last week I've been feeling the little one shift around quite a bit and I thought it was just because he was getting bigger...apparently he was on the move today, hardly sitting still long enough to take pictures of him. But we managed to get few. Here they are:

The profile pic...can you see the smile?

Little feet...

In this one he's sort of waving. He's still really small and developing so it's kind of a weird picture.

And...confirmation that's it's a boy. The nurse said there was no question.

We can't wait to meet this little one. To see his face, hold him tight, snuggle him lots and watch him grow. Everyone keeps telling us that the next four months will fly by but for some reason I feel like they can't come fast enough.

In the meantime we'll continue to pray for good health and that God may watch over our growing family. To keep ourselves busy I suppose we'll decorate the nursery and read a few books. Oh yeah - and pick out a name!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Marathoning to Mommyhood

It wasn't until my cousin Chris asked me: "Is it weird not training for a marathon this summer?" that reality sunk in. Life has changed. Not that it will but that it has.

Austin and I were thrilled to find out in May that we would be expecting our first little one in January of 2011. I was even more thrilled to find out that, God-willing, we are scheduled to received this precious gift exactly a week after I turn 30 - how great is that?! Our focus immediately turned to excitement, doctor's appointments, and telling our family and friends. But when Chris asked me that very simple yet very critical question, my heart skipped a beat.

For the last four years I've trained for a marathon. The last four summer and fall seasons I've pushed my limits, sweat my tail off and tried my hand at 26.2 miles, crossing the finish line three out of the four years. Now I was almost half way through July (what would be a quarter of the way through my training program) and I hadn't thought about how much I missed training once. - Yes, I said "missed" the grueling training. I realize I'm a sick, sick person.

It's not that I haven't run since we found out or that I won't run a marathon again, it's that my focus has completely shifted without me even realizing it. Life has changed. This baby reminds me daily that I currently have limits. Sharing my body with someone else, I don't make a move a without knowing that it will have consequences.

So to answer the question: not training for a marathon this year is a little weird but I'm training for something else at the moment and I like it. I actually love it and can't wait to cross this finish line so I actually start the real race.