Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 Months

Our little man is now two months old and changing every day and I mean that literally. I feel like when we greet him in the morning he's grown heavier, longer and seems more and more alert and aware.

Two Month Stats:

Weight - 9lbs, 11ozs
Length - 23 inches
Overall Report- Super healthy! I was worried that he wasn't gaining enough weight but the doctor says he's just fine and that it's a product of how active he his. He also said that Asher will probably start trying to roll over soon because he is fairly light and strong.

At two months Asher is:
- Smiling and cooing at familiar faces, voices and toys
- Has found his hands and feet
- Blowing bubbles
- Attempting to talk :) Not exactly talk but it consists of him moving his mouth rapidly, squeaking, while staring at us intensely. We figure he's trying to say something
- Learning how to sleep through the night (meaning many nights we're only waking up once!)
- Loves tummy time and generally tries to hold his head up for as long as possible while on his tummy or when he's being held

Asher has been a busy boy these past two months. He runs errands with mommy often, has been to three birthday parties, visited many friends and met two of the four dogs in our family. Up next - a play date with some of his friends!

What mommy and daddy are doing at two months:
- Getting more sleep!
- Enjoying picnics on the family room floor during breakfast so we can watch Mr. Man play
- Steering a schedule that I'm sure we'll be working on until he's 10
- Planning our first date night on April 2nd
- On the hunt for a nanny...that's right, mom goes back to work April 25th...eek

Asher brings us so much joy, our hearts overflow daily. While I've mentioned in previous posts that no one can truly prepare you for parenthood and the challenges it can bring, on the flip side no one can describe to you the love you feel for and from your child. God is good. He knew exactly what he was doing when He created us.

Here's a string of recent pictures as I know that's what you're REALLY here for!

Playtime with friends...

And tummy time...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Needing to Surrender

People, especially moms, say nothing can prepare you for parenthood. The highs and lows are fierce, the anxiety is like nothing else and control - at a time when you think you should have it - is not in your hands.

That last one seems to be what makes the roller coaster such a wild ride. Could you handle the highs and lows knowing that in the end you could control your feelings or the outcome? Could you brush off the anxiety by assessing and fixing the very things that cause such torture?

Control is not mine, it's with God. I thought I lived my life by this until we got pregnant. In the midst of such a miracle I couldn't control the outcome of this baby and his life that lay ahead and I was so uncomfortable. Why couldn't I leave it with Him? My weakness was exposed.

Then Asher arrived. I thought having him here would at least make things tangible and I might find peace. It was just the opposite. Add in a dash of hormones and the roller coaster just became more intense, at times feeling like it's out of control...I went from exposed to stripped yet I still can't render control to Him.

I can write it down - give it to Him and I will find peace - but can I really live it? This is my challenge.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just Chillin'

It turns out Mr. Man likes his Boppy. I must admit, it seems to be a comfy place to relax. I have used it as a pillow myself a few times. Here are a few pics on him kickin' back.

Watching TV, with daddy...and yes, he was really watching! It was so funny. He was responding to the sounds and everything. It lasted over 30 minutes.

Taking a nap, all snuggled...daddy took these. He's getting really good with the camera.

And just having a good time!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Favorites - Round 1

Being a new mommy and caring for my little 24/7 has exposed me to things I haven't experienced so far in my life. Small things that leave a big impression. I know that these little things will change over time but right now my favorite things are...(and daddy had some input too.)

hot breath - I love when I'm holding Asher and he let's out a little sigh (whether it's just a sigh or one from frustration.) His breath is hot and usually lands on my cheek or neck. So sweet.

serious face - He has so many variations of this and it just cracks me up. Sometimes it's a result of a camera in his face, sometimes he frustrated and sometimes he's just figuring things out. Here's a pic of him giving his puppy a serious face.

tickles - When you cradle Asher in your arms and he's relaxed his hands will sometimes open and close slowly. If they are against your chest or arm it's the slightest, softest tickle.

the stretch - As he's grown he's started to stretch when waking up. It's so cute when he kicks his head back, eyes still closed and stretches his arms and legs out for seconds at a time.

toots - This one's funny. Asher, like many infants, has gas. We assumed he would but Austin and I had no idea that it would be so powerful! One night, while Asher was still in his bassinet and long after the lights were out, he tooted - loud. It was loud enough for me to question whether it was actually Austin but it wasn't. Immediately following Austin caught the giggles. He couldn't stop and had to leave the room. Maybe we haven't grown up yet (and may never) but we absolutely love this about our little man and giggle every time.

And just for fun I wanted to share a picture that Austin captured this morning during tummy time. As you can see, he's starting to smile a little. Love this sweet face.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1 Month

First I must ask: where did February go?! I looked up and the month is gone. This may have something to do with what I'm really writing about - Asher is one month old today! I've been told a hundred times and it's true, time flies when your little is growing.

Asher's one month check up at the pediatrician is on Thursday but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share what we've been up to and a few pictures.

One Month Stats:
Weight - 8lbs, 10oz
Length - 21.5 inches
Overall Report - Healthy baby!!

In one month we:
- Are nursing successfully
- Are working on the eat, play, sleep cycle with some success
- Have tummy time a couple times a day and can hold our head up very well for seconds at a time
- Continue to wake up every couple of hours to eat, even at night
- Have started to recognize voices and see images at close range

Love this face...

Stay tuned - we'll share much more in the weeks ahead!