Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 34 Update

It's been a few weeks since I've added belly pics. See the slide show to the right for weeks 31 and 34. Amazing what wearing white does - I look bigger in picture of week 31!!

We had our 34 week appointment last Tuesday and all is well. Hearts sounds healthy and growth is on track. After our next appointment (December 30th) we'll be down to four weeks, visiting the doctor every week until he's here! Which brings me to my biggest reality-check so far. This last visit my doctor said 34 weeks is one of the big milestones in pregnancy. From here on out, if we go into to labor THEY WILL NOT STOP US!!! That means, he could be here at anytime. My friend Meagan and I have our money on this little one arriving two weeks early ;) And no, we still haven't decided on a name...but we're close.

In other news: clothes are washed and ready, we have a few select items to purchase this afternoon and the nursery is near complete! Sorry folks, no pictures yet. We have fabric to sew (or Callie does, rather - you are the best Calbryn!), art work to hang and a glider to be delivered. We'll showcase it soon - I promise!