Friday, April 15, 2011

My First Play Date

It's taken me over a week to write this up but last Friday we had our first play date with some of our dear friends and their bambinos. (Note: I say we...that would be Asher and me. Daddy found a quiet place at his office outside the house.)

We invited some mommies and their littles over for a mid-morning jam session. I asked everyone to bring a favorite toy to share, as Asher's interests are pretty basic at the moment. The recipe was as follows:

9 mommies + 10 babies, under the age of two + a queen-sized blanket (thank you Meg!) + favorite toys and mommy handbags = completely fantastic and hilarious CHAOS!

Here are some pictures to prove it...

Whew! Just the pictures induce a need for a nap. It was completely worth it. Seeing the kids play together and just attempting to talk with the mommies was tons of fun.

Unfortunately the group was not complete. We were missing some mommies and aunties due to work and such. I, myself will be in that spot soon. Maybe I can take a conference call WHILE hosting a play date? :)

Happy Friday!

Hey there, friends! Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Friday. Hope this finds you well.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bath time with Daddy

Austin has jumped head first into this daddy gig. From the moment Asher was born he has literally been right there, by his side. Austin's attentive when we're out in public, he jumps out of bed in the morning to greet him and change his diaper, and bath time, well, it's all his.

This is their bonding time. Austin scrubs Asher down while singing to him and teaching him important things like how to splash with his feet and hands.

It's a sweet sight and personally my favorite part of our daily routine. Daddy ROCKS!