Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 Months

Hello! Mom went back to work in April so it's been awhile since our last post. Mr. Man hit four months on June 1st and is having a blast learning and growing.

Four Month Stats:

Weight: 13lbs 11ounces
Length: 25inches
Overall Report: Perfect!!

Nursing: Truckin' right along, eating well. Asher's growth is right on track.

Sleep: Lots of change with this recently. We have dropped the swaddle and our the middle of the night feeding. Little man knows his schedule (just ask daddy what the end of bath time is like!) so needless to say, he needed some "help" with the changes.

Houdini - I mean, Asher - let us know that we were past the swaddle stage by breaking out of it after every sleep period. See Exibits A and B.

So we started by dropping the swaddle during nap time. A big thanks to Grandmum and Bea (our nanny) for help on this. We dabbled to see how he would do. At first he struggled as his new found freedom would startle him but over time he calmed and it got easier.

In the midst of this nap time experiment, Asher had a few rough nights of randomly waking up so we decided to go cold-turkey and drop the swaddle all together. We figured rough nights were in store regardless. After about four or five nights of Austin and I taking turns to calm him with the paci, a warm hand and soft shushing, Asher got the hang of it and settled in.

With all the change we thought it wouldn't hurt to try and wean him of the his 3am feeding, too. Doc said that he was big enough to sleep through the night without it. This didn't take much. A couple of nights calming him in his crib, he fell right back to sleep and didn't wake up till the morning.

I'm happy to report that we've gone six nights of SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! We realize this may not be "it" but we'll take what we can get and are so proud of Mr.Man.

Mobility: He's a movin' and a shakin' :) Asher loves playing on his back and tummy, sitting in his Bumbo, rolling on his side and most of all he prefers to stand, with some assistance.

The biggest change in the last eight weeks has been mom going back to work and Bea joining our family. Bea is our daytime nanny until July 1st and all three of us LOVE HER!! Austin and I constantly remark how blessed we are to have found such a great match for our family. We also joke that she is Asher's personal trainer. She works with him everyday on his strength and coordination and we have definitely seen a difference in his physical abilities. We'll definitely be sad when her time is up. Bea ROCKS!