Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Time

Asher is 21 months and says things like "these blueberries muffins are delicious".  He talks to and cares for his stuffed animals.  He's beginning to explore humor, making "jokes".  To watch Asher grow is so much more than watching his hair grow long and his pants become short.  He's such a little man with such a personality.

This fall we've enjoyed lots.  Nature walks, a new bible study program, Halloween and a big trip.

We get outside whenever the weather allows.  Asher's starting to pedal his bike a little bit, he loves collecting sticks, leaves and rocks and will throw dirt any chance he can get.

The bible study program is BSF - Bible Study Fellowship.  I love it and the bonus: the kids program is AMAZING!  The teachers are so loving.  The time spent for them is very structured and they learn so much.  It's been a fun journey for both of us, so far.

Our travel this fall was bold.  We took an eleven day trip that started in Los Angeles and finished in Salt Lake City.  We left on a Thursday to fly out to LA.  My cousin and his sweet wife were having their daughter baptized and Austin and I were asked to be the godparents.  It was an honor and blessing to be a part of it all.  We stayed with them for the weekend and celebrated and celebrated and laughed and laughed.  Los Angeles and Dallas are just too far apart.  Miss them so much.

The following Monday we flew to Salt Lake.  It was the worst flight of my life.  I'll spare the details but on the short, hour and forty minute flight, Asher puked.  Twice.  And I thought our plane was going down.  I thank God that Austin was there with me. We found out later it was a stomach bug.  Ick.

Our first few days in Salt Lake were spent near the city and Austin worked.  So Asher and I shopped. A lot.  The weather forecast forgot to mention snow.  So Nordstrom Rack and Old Navy came to our rescue!  No one complained about getting a new coat.  AND - Asher got to play in the snow for the very first time.  He LOVED it.  Before the week was over we also got a chance to catch up with my former boss at Wells Fargo and his wife.  What fun it was to see him and meet her!

Towards the end of the week made our way up to the north end and stayed the weekend with Austin's aunt, uncle and cousin.  We adore these guys and had a great time just hanging out and seeing some of the sites, including more snow and train ride in the mountains.  Oh, yes and football.  We played and watch some football.

We flew home Sunday and needless to say, we were so glad to back in our domain.  After two illnesses, three beds, the beach and the snow, we were ready for some down time.  Although I will say, Asher was a blast on this trip (aside from the stomach bug.)  He said and did a lot of funny things.  One of my favorites: the morning after it snowed in Salt Lake we were out driving and said to him "Look buddy, we can see the snow covering the mountains!"  To which he replied "Asher pop the mountains?  Yeah!"  I have no idea what that means but he seemed pretty stoked about it.  And continued to say it.

I wrap up this post with Halloween.  Last year he was a skunk.  This year, a vintage 1970s marathoner.  We got the idea from Parents magazine and with a little nudge (and helping hand!) from my bestie, Callie, it all came together perfectly.  And Asher had fun going door to door, although he seemed quite confused as to why he couldn't enter the homes.  Friendly fellow.