Monday, July 11, 2011

5 Months

Well, hello! This monthly update will be different from the rest in that we did not see the doctor this month. So we have no statistics to report. What we can share though is Asher has recently had TONS OF FIRSTS!! Each month gets more and more exciting as we watch him grown and learn...

First Time to Roll Over

Asher has become very active. He started rolling over on his own while playing on the floor. It was just in one direction and he had trouble rolling back. Now, he practices rolling in both directions on the floor and in his crib. He's even found that he prefers sleeping on his tummy, as most babies do. And...he's just now starting to "inch worm" his way around. He tucks his knees up into his chest and pushing himself forward. He doesn't make it very far right now but I have a feeling we'll see that change soon.

Speaking of movement and activity, he's also become very fond of his exersaucer. This new toy allows him to stand up AND play! A concept he finds quite novel. He gets a lot of serious work done in this thing.

First Time in the Pool

A big thanks to the Arnolds for hosting a fabulous Fish Fry over the Fourth of July weekend. Asher loved their pool and seeing all his friends. And so did we ;)

First Time Eating Solids

The pediatrician said we could wait until six months before trying solid food but Mr.Man was showing some clear signs that he was ready. Poor kid would stare us down every time we would eat in front of him, smacking his lips. Almost made me feel guilty. So, we decided to dive in and try it out. We're happy to report that he LOVES food so far! Here's a few pics of his first meal.

So serious about the first bite..

The doctor recommended starting with fruits and vegetables, then trying grains after nine months so we decided to start with avocado first and now we're on to peas. Both have been a big hit!
First Word

This one could possibly be debated since he is so young but both Austin and I were there when it happened and we both saw and heard the same thing so we'll go with it and call it official. During Fourth of July weekend I was rocking Asher in his room and Austin came in to say hi. He crouched down and got close to Asher's face and Asher reached out and said "Dada". SO SWEET!! I gasped and said "Did you hear that!?" And Austin sweetly and calmly smiled and said "Yep". It was the most tender moment. Now, we're just waiting for Asher to say it again :)

Mom's Big Change

The last "first" we have to report is I am no longer employed - by Wells Fargo at least. Yep, I've decided to hang up my career for awhile to focus on family so I am a full-time stay-at-home mom. My last day was July 1st and while it was bittersweet I've hardly taken a moment to look back. I'm hoping to post about the transition soon.

I'll leave you with one more pic...until next time!